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  • Minh Nguyen, D.D.S.
    Minh Nguyen was 13 when he escaped from Vietnam in 1979 on a fishing boat. On the second day, a storm came and mercilessly battered the boat. He was scared, but he did not lose faith. He looked up and secretly prayed, “Dear God, please let me live. I promise, I would dedicate my life to service others.” The storm raged on. But, thanks to God, it did not sink the boat! Three days later, it landed in Malaysia. After 2 years waiting, he immigrated to the USA. When he just arrived, he got tremendous support from many generous people. He studied very hard and won several scholarships to college. In 1989, he graduated from TAMU. Four year later, he earned a doctor degree in dentistry (Magna Cum Laude). He has been in private practice ever since. He treats his employees like family members. He listens to the patients’ situation attentively in order to guide them in making the right decision. Because his passion is finding better ways to do dentistry, he has always kept up with the current technology. In 1998, the Houston local TV broadcasted a revolutionary procedure performed in his office. At home, after finishing with the daily chores, he teaches himself to play the piano. His favorite movie is “Pay It Forward.” He thinks that “Pay It Forward” is his means to partially return the favors to the blessings he has received. He frequently gives free services to the poor, clergies, and religious persons. He always offers discounts to families with financial difficulty. He goes back to Vietnam yearly to care for the orphans and the ages. At church, he volunteers to help with the RCIA class, to be a sponsor, to cook for the homeless, and to serve various liturgical functions as an acolyte.
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