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Promotional Discounted Fees for Seniors

Seniors – Free exam and x-ray plus 20 % Discount for all other works Please mention the senior discount to our staff and show your ID to receive this promotional discount. Appointment Request

What can I do when there’s a crack in my tooth

Many teeth have crack lines that you can see on the enamel surfaces. Some of these cracked teeth are stained and painful when chewing, while others are not. In our dental practice, we see the cracks occur more often in the adults’ teeth than in the youngsters’. Many teeth with cracks do not have any […]

Post Operative Instruction after dental extraction

After an extraction, it’s important for a blood clot to form to stop the bleeding and begin the healing process. That’s why your dentist will ask you to bite on a gauze pad for 30 to 45 minutes after an extraction. If bleeding or oozing continues after you remove the gauze pad, place another gauze […]

Dental treatment can be pain-free !

Nervous about going to the dentist? Here’s some good news: Modern dentistry can be pain-free! But there are some steps you must take to ensure that you and your dentist are on the same page regarding pain control. By working together, you and your dentist can choose from a wide range of anxiety- and pain-relieving […]

Overcoming the fear of the “drill”

Does the sound of a dental handpiece (you may know it as a “drill”) cause a white-knuckle, cold-sweat reaction in you? Do you avoid going to the dentist, even for routine exams, because you’re afraid a cavity may be found, again bringing to mind the dreaded drill? If so, you’re not alone. Jay Orlikoff, D.D.S., […]

How to Find a Good Dentist

Finding the dentist who is right for you is key to establishing and preserving excellent oral health. It’s a mistake to pick a practitioner out of the phone book or choose one solely based on insurance coverage. The search for the right dentist might take some time and some effort. But the results—better health and […]

Root Canal No More?

Preliminary dental research reported a recent synthetic protein, Dentonin, assists to grow back damaged dentin. The information was presented on Thursday at the 84th general session of the International Association for Dental Research, in Brisbane, Australia. The investigators from Acologix, the University of California, San Francisco and the University of Connecticut examined 35 patients. These [...

Postoperative instruction after a root canal

Root canal therapy often takes two or more appointments to complete. A temporary filling or crown is placed by your Houston dentist to protect the tooth between appointments. After each appointment when anesthetic has been used, your lips, teeth and tongue may be numb for several hours. Avoid any chewing until the numbness has completely […]

Preventing Postoperative Sensitivity After Dental Fillings

Today, more patients ask their dentists about white fillings because they desire their teeth to appear natural when they laugh, talk and smile. White fillings, also called composite fillings, are made from tooth-colored materials that restore the natural appearance of a decayed or previously filled tooth. A composite filling generally requires only one visit, during […]

The disadvantages of metal fillings

Here is the human mouth in its ideal form. No cavities, no fillings, and no sign of dental disease. Unfortunately, teeth often don’t look quite this good. At right, you can see how dark, unsightly silver fillings detract from the appearance of the teeth. Fortunately, Houston dentists now have a new filling material called resin. […]

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