root canal fileOnce the pulp of a tooth has become infected, according to our Houston dentist, Dr. Minh Nguyen, your choices are limited.

You could choose to delay treatment, you could choose to have the tooth extracted, or you could choose to save your tooth with root canal treatment.

Our Houston dentist states that the problem with delaying treatment is that an infected tooth will never heal on its own, and this can lead to some very serious problems. As the infection spreads down the tooth and into your jawbone, the pain may become excruciating. It could even put you in the hospital and threaten your life.

Our Houston dentist says that an extraction is only a short-term solution. While it doetooth abscess xrays remove the source of infection, it sets off a chain reaction of shifting teeth and other dental problems.

The only way to save your tooth and keep it in your mouth, according to Dr. Minh Nguyen, is to remove the infection with root canal treatment.