Sometimes a tooth can be saved by performing root canal therapy, root amputation,  and placiroot canalng a crown. Other times, there is no suitable alternative to extraction. Your tooth may have to be removed.

Delaying treatment is always an alternative, but it is not recommended. The problem will only worsen over time. If the tooth is decayed, the cavity will get deeper and move into the nerve. And if the bone around the tooth is degrading, this condition will also worsen.

root amputationWhen decay has progressed to the point where the tooth has to be removed, it is crucial to treat the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, the infection will spread to other teeth, or worse yet, to the rest of your body. Jaw infections can even be life-threatening.

Remember, it’s important to replace a tooth after it’s been extracted. A missing tooth can set off a chain reaction in your mouth, resulting in many new problems.